Students Words

Dean of Golf Testimonials

“I have had the experience of being Rory Sabbatini’s player representative at the beginning of his career. Because of his natural ability, the game plan developed that we would pass through the first year without a coach and then seek out the person who could best fit Rory’s game. I contacted many friends and touring pros and Ronnie Black was especially firm in his recommendation of Dean Reinmuth. I was present at Rory’s first lesson as well as several others. Dean worked with Rory’s mental approach of the game and was able to provide him a great base which still serves him well.”

“Also, I have worked with Ricky Barnes and from the beginning of his pro career recommended that Ricky obtain help from Dean. This recently occurred and Dean once again provided top notch instruction and worked with an extremely athletic swing that has allowed Ricky to be a regular PGA Tour member. Ricky is coming along under Dean’s guidance and has made tremendous progress. Dean is especially talented by refusing to take a player’s swing habit and create a new beginning. He works within the player’s talents and natural abilities and makes suggestions that become the player’s thought process leading to a great result. His mental approach with the players is excellent and he provides not only great coaching skills but a great psychological resource for the players.”

– Burt Kinerk, Kinerk, Beal, Schmidt & Dyer
“Dean Reinmuth is a great teacher. His instructional approach helped me to achieve my goals, and I know he can help you achieve yours.”
– Phil Mickeslson, PGA Tour Player
“Dean has a very special understanding of the learning process that enables each of his students to develop their game with greater sensitivity and fell for the swing.”
– Jim Flick

“Reinmuth has basically turned Ricky’s career around,” said Barnes’ father, Bruce, the former UCLA and New England Patriots punter who was at Bethpage with wife Cathy, a third-grade teacher in Stockton, ­Calif. “His swing theories make sense to Ricky.”

– Bruce and Cathy Barnes

“I have worked with Dean since 1991. His knowledge of the swing and mental side of the game have enabled me to play consistently at the highest level for almost 20 years. Never have I left a lesson without hitting the ball great. A perfect example of this was in a professional golf tournament where I struggled through the first few rounds, then worked with Dean, and shot a 64 in the final round resulting in a 2nd place finish.”

“In my opinion, Dean Reinmuth is one of the best golf instructors in the country. His method of teaching is easy to understand and creates great results.”

– Eric Meeks, United States Amateur Champion

“Dean, I’ve never seen a golf coach as good as you. Hope I will see you soon! Vancouver’s weather is really bad now! Really missed work with you! Take care! Hope you and Shelly have a great day!”
– David